Our work seeks out new approaches and perspectives through collaboration. We aim to transform the mundane into a playful and poetically visual experience, using the simplest means and taking the audience through a cross disciplinary, genuinely original, live journey.

We are dreamers, exploring ways of breaking reality as we know it using the absurdities of life and the imagination. Our starting point is that everything is possible. We are exploring ways of breaking schematic thinking, preconceptions and rigid systems, to open new perspectives and new possibilities for interaction through engaging with one another, our audiences/environment/surrounding/sites/places/objects, communities and more.

We believe in a lived, energy giving, surprising, unexpected, honest and magical performance, intertwining dreamlike atmospheres with a humorous edge, sharing our cultural backgrounds and languages literally as well as artistically.
Being environmentally conscious, we aim to offer a non - material experience for people to take home with them… no waste involved!