Yael Karavan
Artistic Director
Actress, dancer and author, Yael Karavan was born in Israel and grew up in Florence, Paris and London. At the age of 13 she began an acting career in the National Theatre, television and films in Israel. In 1995 she began travelling through Europe, N.Y, Brazil and Japan searching to develop a contemporary physical language of expression bridging between east and west, dance and acting. Her work is often described as visual poetry, drawing on elements of Butoh, dance, mime, clown, physical and visual theatre she explores the themes of Memory, Metamorphoses, the invisible and the notion of repetitive cycles, constantly balancing on the fine line between the tragic and the comic.

Tanya Khabrova (Rus / IT)
Award-winning dancer, actress and choreographer, Tanya Khabarova was born in Leningrad,
Russia and in 1988 co-founded the exceptional and multiple award winning physical theatre company, DEREVO led by Anton Adassinskiy.
Since 97 she has been touring her solo ‘Reflection’ internationally as well as choreographing numerous companies around the world and performing as an actress/ dancer in numerous films (including The Dance into the Light by Kazuo Ohno dir Peter Sempel). Her work has won many awards both as a soloist and with Derevo including two Total Theatre Awards, a Fringe First, Herald Angel and two Prix du Jury de Press from MIMOS in France.

Mike Bignell (UK)
Mike Bignell is an up and coming theatre and sound technician, collaborating as lighting designer with The Karavan Ensemble. Mike first fell in love with the arts at a young age through jazz music. He went on to study Jazz Piano, composition, music theory and recording techniques at Trinity College of Music, London, graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Audio Production in 2011. He has produced bands and solo artists both in the studio and mixing front of house for live events. Working for Richmond Sound for the 2010 Classical Brits at the Royal Albert Hall and West Life live at the O2 and more recently as a technician at the Brighton Dome, he gained experience in all size spaces of both mixing and lighting. Only a year in to the role, Mike ventured out on his first UK tour (2012) with the dance company Probe (Antonia Grove) as technical manager, re-lighting several of their productions (Wendy Houston). Mike has recently worked on a roller-coaster of productions, up and down the UK, including visual artist Hetain Patel, dance company Lost Dog (Ben Duke) and more recently Richard Alston Dance Company on their international tour. Mike has worked alongside light designers Jackie Shermesh, Nigel Edwards and Richard Garfield. He is currently mentoring younger technicians from Theatre Akimbo (Horsham) and just released his second album Dark Horses with Gramsci, featuring his own compositions.

Calum Bowen (UK)
Calum Bowen is a young composer and producer based in London. Whilst in higher education, Calum balanced professional composition work for a variety of media with successfully graduating with first-class honours. Since graduating in 2012, he has worked almost exclusively via the internet on international projects spanning theatre, film, dance, concert and games. His own work finds consistency in its stylistic schizophrenia and embrace of technology and pop sensibilities which are grounded in a training in classical music composition. Calum is now working on titles for Nintendo's new Wii U console as well as touring internationally with Karavan Ensemble's Somnambules.

Tamar Daly, England/Israel
A multi disciplinary performer and independent artist, Tamar works in dance, theatre and live art contexts. Primarily a movement based improviser, she collaborates with sound and visual artist as well as performers of diverse backgrounds. Born in Yorkshire, raised in Israel and having lived and worked in France for several years, Tamar draws on the diversity of cultures, languages and landscapes of her nomadic experiences.

Marion Deprez, France
Marion is a graduate of the London School of Physical Theatre and most recently worked as assistant director for Tamasha’s production, Lyrical MC. Marion’s directorial debut How Do You Spell It? - a mélange of homemade ballet and 1920's style thriller, with a devised score from Ian Paxon. In Don’t Talk To Her Marion returned to the theme of language and using a cast of three actors who are respectively French, Portuguese and Chinese explores the dichotomy of language.

Bruno Humberto, Portugal
Director, Performer, deviser, musician. Bruno Humberto has collaborated with various performance artists and companies, as well as developing solo and site-specific works internationally in staircases, tunnels under the river, train stations, churches or mossy forests. He is core member of Gazpacho Unlimited and collaborates often with Mouth to Mouth theatre company. Humberto is part of the Orchestra Elastique, a music improvisation collective. Recently he has been researching on the theme of nothingness, through the performance Holding Nothing, presented recently at the ICA. He teaches landscape performance to groups, and last year was commissioned to make the outdoor landscape theater piece Land for Gift festival. At the moment he is working on a new solo piece on forgetfulness entitled "To Forget".

Sara Popowa Sweden, Bulgaria, Japan
Graphic designer and artist. With seven years graphic design experience Sara has created the visual identity of several UK natural food brands as well as designing for a number of artists and performers. She's presented her own performance work at Plateaux Festival (Frankfurt), Frascati Theatre (Amsterdam) and SPILL National Platform.
graphic design

Linda Remahl, Sweden
Linda Remahl is a choreographer and dance artist. After graduating from London Contemporary Dance School, alongside her work as a performer, she has questioned and explored her individual choreographic language and expression. Her work has been presented at theatres such as Robin Howard Dance Theatre (United Kingdom), Theatre Atalante (Sweden) and Théâtre des Deux Rêves (France). Linda is based in Brighton and is currently creating new stage works, exploring video editing as a choreographic tool, performing with the Karavan Ensemble and is in the process of starting up a new venture called Dance In The Years, which will run short creative performance projects with participants aged 60+.

Yumino Seki (Japan / UK)
Yumino Seki is a dance artist and a certified somatic movement educator & therapist in VMI.
Her work is influenced by Butoh. She has been interested in authenticity of the temporal body for many years resulting in many pieces, which are site responsive and improvised in nature. Seki’s work crosses the boundaries of dance, performance art and installation. Since 1999 she has trained and worked in Butoh predominantly with Tadashi Endo, Yumiko Yoshioka and Carlotta Ikeda.
Seki’s work is informed by the cultural depth and diversity of both the UK and Japan. Her development in her dance has been a gradual exploration of both her collective and self-identity.

Howard Sivills (England)
Howard is an artist based in England. He has made site-based works for Brighton Fringe Festival, lecture performances, shown work in empty supermarkets and exhibited in warehouses. He works with ‘Colossal Crumbs’ making puppetry and animation-theatre showing at the BAC, Roundhouse and Leicester Square Theatre. Sometimes he collaborates with psychedelic afro-beat band ‘King Lagoons’ showing at Brixton Hootannany and The Institute of Contemporary Art. He performed at Nuit Blanche Amiens, France for ‘Inconvenient Spoof’ and completed 2 residencies with dance-theatre company ‘Karavan Ensemble’. Howard performs and leads art workshops for ‘H2oh Entertainment’ his agent of four years.

Rachel Champion, England
Rachel trained at Dartington College of Arts in Visual Performance. She has been involved in many forms of performance ranging from Site-specific work, Physical Theatre, Contemporary Dance, Visual Art and Improvised Performance. Rachel stores memories like food and often gets to places without remembering the journey.

Tristan Shorr, England
Tristan is a composer, musician and occasional filmmaker (b. 1977) and lives and works in London. Since completing an MMus in Music Composition at Goldsmiths University in 2009, Tristan has been working with fine artists, choreographers, performance artists and several dance and physical theatre companies based in London, Brighton and Israel. Tristan is a founding member of Orchestra Elastique, electro-acoustic group vlk and is currently working on his first solo project.