Ma’alot was made in response to a sculptural work by the same name, by landscape artist Dani Karavan. It was performed as part of the sculpture's 25 year anniversary celebrations. The sculpture was created in partnership with the Museum’s architects Peter Busmann and Godfrid Haberer, and evolved from an intention to retain a sense of emptiness in a public space which marks the most central and well-trodden space in Köln.
In a direct response, the Ensemble created a choreography that directed the movement and gaze of the audience throughout the entire landscape. Pedestrians and cyclists were stopped in their tracks as we interrupted the busy thoroughfare between the train station, river and cathedral.

The performance was regarded as an opportunity to raise the profile of Dani Karavan’s work again after 25 years and its significance to the city. A support group are currently raising funds to maintain the artwork as well as the symphony hall. Due to the success of the evening performance, The Ensemble have been invited to return to Köln next year.

Photos: Claire Wearn
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